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Podcast Episode #58 – Georges Belmont’s Marilyn Monroe Interview

The latest show has been uploaded here.  It is a real treat as it features approximately 45 minutes of Marilyn’s 1960 interview with Georges Belmont.  This interview occurred while Marilyn was filming Let’s Make Love and it was done for Marie Claire magazine.

Thanks so much to Merja and Albert for their help in tracking down this footage.

What did you think of the interview?  Share your thoughts with other fans by calling into the podcast voicemail line (206-222-2003) or sending audio/video to me through email. 



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Podcast #57 – The Milton Greene Episode

The latest podcast is now up at

This is a special episode that is dedicated to Milton Greene’s relationship with Marilyn.  It features audio comments by Amy Greene and excerpts from her book, “But that’s another story”.  

If you are interested in getting your own copy of this beautiful book, it is available from the Milton Greene Archives for $37.50 and will be signed by Joshua Greene.


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My Marilyn Podcast Episode #56

I just uploaded the latest podcast at

On this show:

-My exciting news!

-New Marilyn social networking website – join as my friend and add yourself to the My Marilyn Podcast Group

Review of “Hey Marilyn” 

Results from Juliens Auction – Check out Scott’s great blog post HERE

Thanks to Marco for the catalogue from Jersey Heritage LINK

-2009 Marilyn Memorial Service at Westwood

-Comments from Emmy, Miguel, Kevin, Liz and Morgan

-Winner of Marilyn Monroe sunglasses announced!

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My Marilyn Podcast Episode 55

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My Marilyn Podcast Episode #54

The latest show is now up at

On this episode:

  • Photographer Joseph Jasgur has died
  • Marilyn’s bench replaced at Westwood
  • Comment from Lisa – Have you visited the Studio Club?
  • Winner of replica Niagara dress announced! 
  • New Franklin Mint doll based on Life Magazine cover
  • New Barbie
  • Marilyn Monroe Eyewear by Optiq – win sunglasses on next show!
  • Song inspired by Marilyn:  Marilyn Monroe by Laze & Royal 

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    My Marilyn Podcast Episode #53

    In this episode of my podcast dedicated to Marilyn Monroe:
    -winner of Marilyn Monroe treasures announced
    -Forever Blonde in Winnipeg
    -Warhold Factory in Kitchener
    -Marilyn Pucci exhibit in Philly
    -Marilyn and Joe in Japan
    -Win your own Niagara dress

    Visit to see the full shownotes and download the show!



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    Win a copy of The Marilyn Monroe Treasures!

    Listeners of the podcast have a chance to win a copy of the new book, The Marilyn Monroe Treasures.



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