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Rare Footage From Some Like it Hot

Looks like there is some more rare Marilyn footage up for auction.  It is wonderful how all these great treasures keep showing up! is hosting an online auction for a never before published amateur video of Marilyn Monroe on the set of the film Some Like It Hot. The listing marks the 50‐year anniversary of Monroe’s Golden Globe victory for her historic performance in the highly acclaimed comedy on March 8, 1960. The 20 day auction will run concurrently from March 8th to March 28th, the 51st anniversary of the movie’s 1959 premiere.

Captured by a young sailor who was personally invited to the set by Monroe, the 2‐and‐a‐half minute home video reveals a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of what the American Film Institute dubbed the greatest American comedy of all time. It depicts a casual, candid and carefree side of the venerated actress on the beach, dressed in a bathing suit and short terrycloth robe, as she playfully interacts with cast, crew and fans between takes at the Hotel Del Coronado Resort.

Also visible in the film is celebrated director Billy Wilder, in shades and baseball cap, angrily brooding back‐and‐forth with frustrating demeanor. Monroe’s infinite breaks and frequent distraction from working were constant sources of stress and annoyance for Wilder, resulting in a notoriously turbulent on‐set relationship between director and star. The footage dates back to a difficult and important period in the actress’ life, as her pregnancy began inducing noticeable weight gain and complications in her highly publicized marriage to Arthur Miller proliferated.

Co‐star Tony Curtis also makes an appearance from the familiar wicker sun chair featured in the memorable beach scene where Curtis first explains and reveals the film’s title in an exchange with Monroe. Off set Curtis infamously likened kissing Marilyn to “kissing Hitler.”

Presumed lost for decades, the original 8mm reel recently resurfaced in Australia when the creator’s daughter discovered it among his belongings. In 2008 it was sold to an anonymous collector in Melbourne for $14,624.00 USD. Plans to commercialize the video never materialized, and the current owner is hoping to find it a more suitable home by selling the full copyright and original reel through the Bideo platform., launched in January, is an online auction house for newsworthy user generated photos and video. The site was created for “right‐place‐right‐time” citizen journalists as a profitable alternative to giving away their exclusive and often amazing images to publications for free.

CEO and founder Pike Barkerding considers the shot an ideal opportunity for the new exchange. “This is precisely the kind of situation Bideo is meant to facilitate. And as one of the first examples of user generated video, it’s about as symbolic as it is iconic,” says Barkerding. “We hope it will further prove Bideo’s value to the abundance of citizen photojournalism seen today, which is too often given away without proper compensation or recognition to the creator.”

The 3‐week auction is currently underway on, where the starting bid is set just below the former sale price at $14,000 USD. On March 28th the winning bidder will receive the non‐watermarked digital file, a DVD copy, the original 8mm Kodak reel, and exclusive, full commercial rights to the footage. All copies including the watermarked proof will be deleted thereafter.

To view the clip, please visit For additional information, please contact Matthew Bowes at 504/897‐0462


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Rare Marilyn Footage – For Sale on Ebay

UPDATE:  Looks like Keya Morgan is selling the copyright to this footage on Ebay…here is a link to the AUCTION

ANOTHER UPDATE:  This auction ended Dec 14 with 32  bids for $58,100.  However, it doesn’t seem possible to look up the auction now as you get the message “This listing (190355289852) has been removed, or this item is not available.”

I received this email a few weeks ago from someone who claimed they had some previously unseen Marilyn footage…

“Hi there! I was told that you hold one of the largest collections of Marilyn Monroe. I recently came across unseen footage of Marilyn Monroe from a family friend while cleaning out her garage. Apparently, she was best friend with the Karger’s and has spent the night with Marilyn with her friends the night prior to her death. This footage, however is from New Jersey in 1954- while she was visiting with her friends while filming in NY. The tape shows her smokingeither a joint or a cigarette( its a big one =) , drinking, laughing, sniffing her armpits and kissing at the camera- it is only a minute long- but such a gem. We are just asking collectors if they are, or know anyone who is interested in the tape. The woman who owns it would like to sell the rights outright because she is in her 70’s now and doesn’t want to deal with it anymore. If you are interested, I am located in Los Angeles.”

I didn’t really think much of it as I do get emails from people who think they have some rare photo or something of Marilyn (most of the time nude) and it never turns out to be her.  Well, I guess this one was the real deal.  It showed up on youtube today.  It was purchased by Keya Morgan for $275,000.  You may remember this jerk from the “Marilyn Sex Tape” rumors from a few years ago.  No surprise that it is hitting the internet and saying that Marilyn is smoking pot.  Doesn’t look like it to me.  Regardless, it is gorgeous footage.


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Marilyn Collectors wanted for new book!

There is a new Marilyn book in the works that will be similar to the Marilyn Monroe Treasures book that was released last year. I have seen their Warhol treasure book and it is fabulous! The reproduction items are really detailed and I am excited another publisher is taking a crack at this type of Marilyn book.

They are looking for fans who would be willing to share any items connected with Marilyn such as letters, receipts, notes, etc. Basically anything that could be reproduced. The warhol book had a passport – Man, I wish we could get Marilyn’s passport into this one!  The quality is superb.

If you or someone you know can help please contact:

Jennifer Barr

Project Editor

Carlton Publishing Group

20 Mortimer Street

London W1T 3JW



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Norma Jeane Signed Class Photo

Wow.  This is super rare.  You don’t see Norma Jeane autographs very often. This item was recently auctioned off by R.R. Auctions.  It sold for $14,000!  

One-of-a-kind vintage 23 x 7.5 panoramic photo of the graduating Class of Summer 1941 Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School in Los Angeles, with sweet, hopeful Norma Jeane Baker (later Marilyn Monroe) easily identifiable to the right of center in a sea of fresh faces, signed and inscribed amid other classmates in fountain pen on the reverse, “To a super and swell friend (date at that) I mean it Bobby! Norma Jean Baker .” 

3200536_3  3200536_43200536_23200536_1


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Handwritten thank you from Marilyn Monroe

I was recently contacted by Paul Poplawski who has an incredible Marilyn keepsake coming up for auction.  On August 1, 1957 Marilyn suffered a miscarriage during her marriage to Arthur Miller.  Paul’s father sent Marilyn a get well card and she replied with a handwritten thank you card.  It is hard to believe that Marilyn was able to reply to fan mail at a time like this.  Especially knowing her intense desire to have a child.  This card was postmarked August 14.  Just ten days she lost her child.  It is just incredible.

Marilyn Monroe Signed Handwritten Note. This 4″ x 3″ personalized folded card is embossed “Mrs. Arthur Miller” on the front and bears a handwritten note and Monroe’s signature in blue ballpoint ink on the interior. The message reads: “Dear Mr. Poplawski, Thank you so much for your kind note. Yours and all the other good wishes were a great comfort to me.” A great example of a highly sought after autograph, made particularly appealing by the fact that it is signed by the actress as “Marilyn Monroe Miller”. The note is accompanied by the original mailing envelope, with the recipient’s name and address handwritten on the front by Monroe.

This item will be auctioned off by Heritage Auction Galleries on November 7, 2009.




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Marilyn’s Last Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!  I came across this great blog post by Scott at The Marilyn Monroe Collection.  It features a story about Marilyn’s last thanksgiving in 1961.  It is nice to know she didn’t spend that holiday alone.  You can read about it here


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Hugh Hefner Signed Playboy Reprint

Thanks to Louis Torro for sending along this pic of his signed playboy reprint.  Hugh Hefner was recently in Toronto for the International Film Festival and the premiere of a documentary about his life.  Louis was there trying to get the first Playboy reprint autographed. He didn’t sign at the airport or coming into the theatre or exiting but he did stop to sign 6 autographs from the theatre stage just after he did some questions and answers. Louis rushed into the crowd and managed to get the 4th signature he signed. 

1st playboy

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