Sergio & Marilyn in New York

I wanted to share this video from Sergio. It features photos from his recent trip to New York. He has gone to all of the great Marilyn landmarks and included a reference photo of Marilyn in the same location. Brilliant!


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9 responses to “Sergio & Marilyn in New York

  1. Ooooooh Melinda!… thank you very very much for this detail. I’m glad you like it, for me was a very special and unforgettable experience, Marilyn left a special memories in her passes through New York and everything is still there. Big hugs.

  2. Lorraine

    This is AMAZING! Exactly the sort of video/reference I have been wanting to see for a very long time. My friend and I are planning on going to New York in a few years for our *cough* 30th *cough* Birthday and I plan on going round all the famous Marilyn sites.
    Thanks for posting this up Melinda! and thanks to Sergio for sharing your amazing experience with us!

  3. Melinda

    I’ve always dreamed of doing something like that. I’ve been to New York once and didn’t see ANY of the Marilyn sites 😦

  4. chris

    I simply loved this video! I had a great big OH! on my face. That is pure Marilyn for all of us, Thanks for the Images Sergio.

  5. Lorraine

    That’s a shame Melinda 😦 I think I remember looking at your snaps of NY and wondering why there wasn’t any Marilyn related pics (ie the SYI upskirt scene location etc) But to be honest, I’ve heard that New York is quite spread out, you have to travel quite a bit to get to a lot of the most famous locations. Also, there’s nothing distinguishing (if that’s the right word) about the 2 main SYI locations (the subway grate and window) I’m sure when I go, I’ll probably walk past them and not even know it!
    But that’s another thing.. I can’t decide if I DO want to go to the famous upskirt scene location.. it just looks SO different now, I feel that it wouldn’t be the same to see it as it is now, might take some of the magic away.. we’ll see.. I’ve got 4 years til I go to think about it anyway.. and Hollywood 2012 to come before it 😉

  6. Melinda

    I travelled with my mom and 3 of my friends. I had a trip for us all planned out that hit all the important New York landmarks. Our plane was delayed 4 hours and I missed the Marilyn tour that a group of fans had organized. It was so disappointing. I didn’t have a chance to fit any Marilyn-related locations into the rest of the trip. There is just so much to see in New York and I was entertaining non-MM fans. So it just didn’t make sense to go stand on the subway grating instead of seeing ground zero, statue of liberty, times square, empire state building, etc. But if I had the time I would go back in a heartbeat just for a Marilyn trip.

  7. Lorraine

    Ahh of course, that makes a lot of sense. The friend that I’m going with to New York, she’s a big Sex and The City fan, so we’re compromising, I’ve to go on the ‘Sex and The City’ tour with her and she can come to a few of the Marilyn locations with me. If your mum or friends aren’t really that into Marilyn, I can completely understand why you put them first, I would do exactly the same thing. But you’re still so lucky to have been to New York, it must have been amazing to see all the famous landmarks and I’m fully confident that one day you will return and see all the Marilyn sites.. maybe even re-inact your own Subway Grate scene 🙂

  8. Melinda

    It isn’t even a long flight for me to visit New York so I plan to go back again. I would LOVE to do a combination Marilyn/Sex in the City trip – I’m a big fan of the show.

  9. Lorraine

    I love ‘Sex and The City’, although it wasn’t until seeing the 1st movie that I started watching the tv series. But I’m definitely not as obsessed as my friend to want to go on an actual tour of the sites… The things we do for friendship! 🙂 I think every woman can identify with at least one of the SATC girls..

    PS I’m off to London for a few days tomorrow, primarly to see a Grace Kelly dress exhibition (to repay my sister for her coming to Jersey with me to see the Marilyn exhibition last year) But I’m taking a trip to ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ as that’s where the original Marilyn George Barris sweater is.. I’m VERY excited! I’m sure you’ve alreayd seen it, so you can understand my excitement!

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