Did you feel the quake?

I was at work in a meeting on the first floor so I didn’t feel today’s earthquake. However, people in the upstairs office said they felt it. How about you? Was anyone working in a tall building when it struck? Please post your experiences in the comments.




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3 responses to “Did you feel the quake?

  1. chris

    Hi Melinda!
    Welcome home. A friend works at the Bay on Queen and they felt It, and thought It was a bomb because of the G8 Summit real crazy! They were terrified.

  2. Melinda

    Thanks. I’m happy to be home and ready for the summer weather to begin.

    I don’t blame them I would have thought bomb too. The timing with the G8 is unfortunate.

  3. chris

    I was really surprised at how low Anna Nicole’s things went for at auction. The X rays of Marilyn, I thought, Would fetch more than they did? mmmm!20 thousand? and 8 for the side view? I am so taken aback. Did anyone out there buy anything?

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