Marilyn Monroe’s Chest X-Ray

Yeah, you read the title right.  They are actually auctioning off a chest x-ray (and several pelvic ones too) supposedly of Marilyn taken November 10, 1954. She was admitted to the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital for surgery for endometriosis. The doctor apparently later used the x-ray in lectures to students and more recently left the x-ray to his daughter who is putting it up for sale. It is expected to sell for up to $1,200 by Juliens Auctions on June 26.



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8 responses to “Marilyn Monroe’s Chest X-Ray

  1. Shana

    This just breaks my heart. Actions speak louder then words, IMO. There is going to be some mega bad karma, for whoever purchases these X-rays. I wonder who exactly, (the name) is responsible for the selling of them, and is Dr. Greenson’s estate really hurting for money this much that they would stoop so low as to auction off MM’s old X-rays? Looks like it. It makes me wonder, what else does the estate have hidden away of Marilyn’s that we don’t know about? Plus, doesn’t this make Dr. G. look really slimy, and it sure makes him look a lot more suspicious surrounding the events of MM’s death.

  2. Hi Shana,
    I believe that X-ray was from a doctor in New york and not Dr. Greenson. The X-ray was left to his estate then passed to his children. Lucky Kids. I think this is the best piece, anxious to see the amount it fetches. I guess 100.000 or more. If I were a Doctor, I couldn’t think of anything better to adorn my office at home!

  3. Oh yes, I do believe that Dr Greenson was unethical In his treatment with Marilyn! Slimy, who knows. I think everyone including the police department were very sloppy! The X-rays are not in bad taste. Does anyone feel they are?

  4. L. Cormier

    Shame on the doctor that took this personal information about M.M! Med. info. is private.
    It’s even come to the point that people actually will gawk at her insides? How invasive can you get.

    Will this lovely person ever get any privacy?

  5. Jerry - Florida

    Possession is nine-tenths of the law – however they were obtained and retained. It certainly does not sound like the “Radiograph(s)” were obtained unlawfully and the fact that they have been carefully preserved and cherished is a good thing.
    Everyone can obtain images of Miss Monroe from the outside……….only one or very few will possess images of her inner beauty. I see nothing wrong with preserving the images of history……and this is so unique.

  6. It was just a x-ray ..not her boobie picture, I wonder why someone paid this much just for the scan?

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