Podcast Episode #58 – Georges Belmont’s Marilyn Monroe Interview

The latest show has been uploaded here.  It is a real treat as it features approximately 45 minutes of Marilyn’s 1960 interview with Georges Belmont.  This interview occurred while Marilyn was filming Let’s Make Love and it was done for Marie Claire magazine.

Thanks so much to Merja and Albert for their help in tracking down this footage.

What did you think of the interview?  Share your thoughts with other fans by calling into the podcast voicemail line (206-222-2003) or sending audio/video to me through email. 


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11 responses to “Podcast Episode #58 – Georges Belmont’s Marilyn Monroe Interview

  1. Simone

    This is so great Melinda!

    I loved listening to Marilyn.


  2. Loredana

    Hi, I’m from Italy. The interview is very interesting…Thank you for this document.
    I just have a curiousity: is it complete? If not, is there any possibility to find the entire interview on the net?

  3. Lorraine

    Fantastic podcast. I listened to this while travelling on the bus to college on my first day back after the Christmas break, I was in need of cheering up and it did just that! Thankyou SO much for such a wonderful rare treat. I feel I haven’t heard as much of Marilyn’s real thoughts and feelings on audio as I’d like to, so to have a full 45mins worth.. wonderful! I feel that little bit closer to her having heard it 🙂

    • Melinda

      Thanks Lorraine. I agree. You get a better appreciation for Marilyn as a person. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more of a reaction to it. This is audio I have never heard before. Let’s hope more treasures like this come to light. Would love to hear the complete Merryman interview.

  4. Kim Goodwin

    melinda, thank you so much for posting the interview, it was wonderful. thanks again

    • Melinda

      Thanks Kim. It took forever to edit down to just her voice but I think the result was worth it. Can only hope that Merryman’s interview will show up someday too.

  5. Shana


    That was such an amazing interview with MM! Marilyn said so many things that were true, honest, and sad. This just goes to re mind us, again, just how”real” Marilyn was, and MM was very aware that she had created this other persona, to be used for the movies, and that away from the film world, once she retreated, she became NJ again, spent time alone to recharge her real self, and then re-emerge and put the “Marilyn” on she’d created years ago; the interview could have happened just as easily now, as it did then. IMO, women today can relate to Marilyn more now, then during her life; her struggles then, are ours. Marilyn’s emotional, mental, physical tragdies are ours as well.

  6. Melinda

    Well said Shana. I totally agree.

  7. Dan Jakubik

    Excellent podcast. I really enjoyed this particular interview. This was the first mymarilyn podcast
    I ever heard and I was impressed. This was the longest one on one interview with Marilyn Monroe I ever heard. The interviewer does an excellent job, as the entire interview feels natural, friendly, relaxed, casual and comfortable.

    I was surprised by Marilyn Monroe’s manner of expression and articulation. She sounds quite intelligent. This quality to add, on top of her many charms. Besides her beauty, she was a real sweetheart.

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