Rare Marilyn DVDs Available

There have been lots of good and bad documentaries and bio-pics about Marilyn over the years.  If there is a particular title you are looking for I might have it available at http://www.marilynmonroe.ca/dvds/  

I also have films, Korea footage and the Christies Auction.  Some of my favourites that I recommend are Marilyn vs Marilyn, The Last Interview and The Untold Story starring Catharine Hicks as Marilyn.  

If you have any questions please let me know.



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3 responses to “Rare Marilyn DVDs Available

  1. Lorraine

    You don’t need to tell ME twice! I think I’ve bought nearly every DVD you have to offer haha (I will eventually buy them all, but I am wanting to buy them a few at a time, makes me think I’m spending less money that way instead of buying them all at once!)

    Anyway, just commenting to anybody that might be thinking about buying some DVD’s from Melinda, take it from me, they are 100% worth it. She’s got some awesome footage on offer. My favourite so far has to be the live Christie’s DVD from 1999, it was so fascinating to watch 🙂 So what are you all waiting for?! 🙂

  2. Melinda

    Thank you Lorraine. I appreciate knowing that you have enjoyed the DVDs. I agree the Christies footage is some of my favourite. I am so thankful that I was living in the US when that aired or else I still would never have seen it. I am happy to be able to share these with other fans.

  3. Melinda

    If someone named “Eva” happens to read this. I have tried over several days to respond to your email but it keeps coming back as undeliverable.

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