Marilyn Pumpkin Stencils – Happy Halloween!

Here are some pumpkin patterns to make your own Marilyn jack-o-laterns.  Just click on the pattern you want to be taken to the stencil.

marilyn1   marilyn2
Picture 8

Here are some other great looking Marilyn Monroe pumpkins….

Picture 7

  Picture 11


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One response to “Marilyn Pumpkin Stencils – Happy Halloween!

  1. Excellent Site about Marilyn….
    I am in a bit of a dilemna…my significant other is a big “Marilyn ” fan….we have posters and large frame pictures…. but the dilemna I currently have is her brother found some “Marilyn” memorbilia at a garage sale….. we have a two bedroom apartment…. and outside of Christmas…. it is all “Marilyn”…

    The memorbillia her brother found is what I suspect as the pictures taken for the movie clips…all framed eleven in all….

    I anticipate a “Marilyn Museum”…. but I would like to date and document the pictures…

    Thank you for your time

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