Norma Jeane Signed Class Photo

Wow.  This is super rare.  You don’t see Norma Jeane autographs very often. This item was recently auctioned off by R.R. Auctions.  It sold for $14,000!  

One-of-a-kind vintage 23 x 7.5 panoramic photo of the graduating Class of Summer 1941 Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School in Los Angeles, with sweet, hopeful Norma Jeane Baker (later Marilyn Monroe) easily identifiable to the right of center in a sea of fresh faces, signed and inscribed amid other classmates in fountain pen on the reverse, “To a super and swell friend (date at that) I mean it Bobby! Norma Jean Baker .” 

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6 responses to “Norma Jeane Signed Class Photo

  1. Lorraine

    Absolutely wonderful! what a rare treat 🙂

  2. Tim

    Hey, under “What’s New”, you didn’t note the changes made to the dolls section. The heading “ooak” is changed to “Kim Goodwin”, you added one new Kim Goodwin doll (from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), and made a change to the Niagara doll (the doll now has a waterfall background). Thanks for the updates.

    By the way, did Kim ever do a doll in the red dress from the opening of Gentlemen? I always expect to see it there. (Even the Franklin Mint did that dress, but Kim would have done it better.)

  3. Melinda

    Hi Tim,

    You have a good eye! I felt it was a minor change so didn’t do a formal update here. I’ve had them in a file for quite awhile and just haven’t had time to add them. I haven’t seen a Kim doll in the red dress so not sure if he ever made one.

    A little update on what Kim is currently up to…he is doing make up for the Donny and Marie Osmond show in Las Vegas. He was seen in the audience recently on Dancing with stars sitting with Marie.

  4. Anonymous

    I am the current owner of this item. I would like to know more about its history. I understand that it was purchased from a family member of one of the students in the picture (most likely ‘Bobby.’) from a dealer. From that point forward, I don’t know the time-line of the piece until Oct. 2009 when it surfaced on RR Auction. I understand that it did not meet the reserve of $18,000 and was given back to the consignor. I purchased it from this consignor. So I would like any information leading upto Oct. 2009.
    Much appreciated.

  5. Melinda

    Congratulations on that wonderful piece of Marilyn history. I am terribly jealous 🙂 I’ll ask around some other collectors I know and see if anyone has any info.

    Have you acquired any other interesting Marilyn items?

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