New Wax Museum in Hollywood

I just came across this photo of a Marilyn wax figure that is located at the new Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Hollywood, located right next to Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  I think it is pretty cool to have this pose so close to her handprints.  Has anyone seen the statue in person?

Here is a pic of visitors posing with her.




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8 responses to “New Wax Museum in Hollywood

  1. Morgan

    Wow, that’s really cool!
    I’m trying to get to LA in 2012…I’ll have to stop to check that out! 🙂

  2. Lorraine

    I’ll be in LA sat-wed and I am definitely stopping by Madame Tussauds so I’ll let you know what she’s like in person. I think this is a great pose to have her in as opposed to the usual white “upskirt” dress. xx

  3. Melinda

    Hey Lorraine, hope you have a great trip. I agree it is wonderful to see a different pose! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. Be sure to take a photo at her handprints that I can add to the Fans in her hands section.

  4. Hannah

    Yes! I have seen this, except they changed her dress color—its black now!

  5. Melinda

    That is too bad. Wonder why they changed the dress to black???

  6. Hannah

    I’m not sure either. Maybe because people are taking pictures with her all day & a black dress is easier to keep looking clean? That’s all I can think of.

  7. Melinda

    Yeah, maybe that is it. It is great you can get photos with her but the white dress would be so much better.

  8. Lorraine

    Well I was in LA all last week (had a fabulous time and yes I did get my pic with her handprints 🙂 ) and I deliberately walked past Madame Tussauds every day just incase they change her dress from black to white at any time, but it was the black dress the entire time I was there, which is a shame as I loved the white dress. If you think about it however, most Marilyn waxworks have her in the white dress from the SYI, so maybe, if she was kept indoors instead of being free for the public to touch and photograph, then maybe the white dress could have stayed. Never mind, she’s still a cool waxwork. xx

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