Marilyn Monroe by Laze & Royal

I featured this great song called “Marilyn Monroe” on the latest podcast.  I’ve communicated with Laze & Royal and they gave me permission to make this music video featuring some great photos of our girl.

I have a lot of respect for these guys, here was the response when I asked where this single can be purchased….

“We’re huge Marilyn fans as well so i’d rather her love and beauty be spread and carry on then care about how much money we get from a download you know. ”  Laze & Royal

It will be on iTunes in a few weeks so I hope people will support them.

Hope you enjoy it!

This video can be downloaded in high quality at for free.

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One response to “Marilyn Monroe by Laze & Royal

  1. Lorraine

    The video is being put onto my i-pod as we speak!! *My i-pod’s name is Lorelei-pod haha*

    Great work Melinda and I genuinely love the song. Another reason why your podcast is simply the best thing ever invented for Marilyn fans!!
    Lorraine xxx

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