My Marilyn Podcast Episode #54

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On this episode:

  • Photographer Joseph Jasgur has died
  • Marilyn’s bench replaced at Westwood
  • Comment from Lisa – Have you visited the Studio Club?
  • Winner of replica Niagara dress announced! 
  • New Franklin Mint doll based on Life Magazine cover
  • New Barbie
  • Marilyn Monroe Eyewear by Optiq – win sunglasses on next show!
  • Song inspired by Marilyn:  Marilyn Monroe by Laze & Royal 

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    3 responses to “My Marilyn Podcast Episode #54

    1. Ashley

      I love this song! I found Laze & Royal on Myspace, but nothing on Tyler. Does anyone know where I can get this song?

    2. I heard that song last summer! I love it! Both the accoustic and studio versions. It’d be great if they had an official music video for it.

    3. Melinda

      I’ve been communicating with Laze & Royal and it is great to hear that they are fans of Marilyn. They told me the song will be on iTunes in a couple of weeks.

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