Goodbye “Dearly Departed” Section

Unfortunately, the service that I used (Circavie) to create the Dearly Departed timeline  has been shut down.  So I had to remove that section of the website.  It was a wonderful free service and I am disappointed that it is gone.  It was really a group project as many of you sent in information for me to include in the timeline.  Thanks for all of your help.

For those who never saw the timeline, it was a really cool graphic scale that would slide along the page.  It would list all of the people connected to Marilyn who have passed away by year.  Each entry had a photo of the person (perferably with Marilyn) details of their connection to her and links to more information about them.  It really was a good resource for fans.  RIP.



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2 responses to “Goodbye “Dearly Departed” Section

  1. Lorraine

    Sorry to hear that Melinda, it was such a great addition to the site.

    Lorraine xxx

  2. Oh!… sorry Melinda, shame that you do not have this information available any more.

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