Beware of Fakes on Ebay

I get people asking me all the time about the really cheap “Marilyn owned ” items for sale on Ebay.  If it seems too good to be true… is!  Real Marilyn memoribilia sells for thousands of dollars not hundreds.  Don’t get duped.  For example, have a look at the 7 auction currently running on Ebay  that is a lot of Marilyn owned items to have at once. 

It seems that some real evidence has come forward to show that this stuff is FAKE.  Check out this blog and you will be shocked…..



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5 responses to “Beware of Fakes on Ebay

  1. Wow, I had no idea that blog existed! I posted my opinion on this ‘seller’ last May and even contacted them.
    When I said that the item they were selling were clearly NOT the ones Marilyn was wearing in the accompanying photos they didn’t give me a response.
    I contacted them again about a pair of “Marilyn Monroe worn and owned earrings” they were very rude to me but still claimed the earrings were “authentic”.

  2. Melinda

    Many people have attempted to out this seller as a fraud over the years. I’m not surprised how he responded to you. I’ve heard similar stories. I guess he just figures he can continue to get away with it. This recent blog is one of the best examples of what he is pulling. It is nice to have something like that to direct people to.

  3. Anon

    His stuff is FAKE FAKE FAKE. The only auction house to sell May Reis estate is Juliens Auctions and those items were not in it. starspast is a longtime fraudster who the FBI should investigate.

  4. Pamela

    Confident fraudster isn’t he? I guess he’s been getting away with it for so long he thinks no one can touch him. He makes loud claims of authenticity, supported by nothing but hot air and bad manners. He even uses Jayne Mansfield, someone he claims to be a big fan of, to capitalize on old items, clearly, irrefutably recently bought and tracked on Ebay. Not so expensive to be beyond the reach of a fan, so the newbie fan falls for it. But it is so sad to use people’s goodwill and admiration of a star to line his own pockets. He deserves to be investigated by the US government tax department and I think that time is at hand. He will get all the attention he deserves. A truly disgusting leach in the marketplace.

  5. Anon

    He’s now naru on ebay and hopefully law enforcement are investigating along with attorneys for the celebrities he was ripping off.

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