1953 New Wrinkle Calendar

I am very excited to have added a beautiful New Wrinkle calendar from 1953 to my collection. I have updated the calendar page on my website here. I have always dreamed about having this calendar to display with my Golden Dreams. They do look amazing together!



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6 responses to “1953 New Wrinkle Calendar

  1. How much is one of these worht?

  2. Melinda

    It really depends. I’ve seen the large sizes like these go for anywhere from $200-$800.

  3. Ann

    Hi Melinda,

    As always, love your website and I try to listen to your podcasts whenever I can. I just wanted to ask, if I were looking to buy one of those calendars you have, where would be the best places to look? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, again!


  4. Melinda

    I purchased both of mine off of Ebay. It just may take some time for the larger versions to show up. That would be your best bet.

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